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How Do You Design Your Site? uses Divi

Divi is an intuitive builder that allows you to make beautiful websites.  Below you can find some resources to help you get started.

If you’re not up to the task of learning how to use these tools, you should find someone in your organization who is.  These tools are incredibly powerful.  

If you don’t have anyone in your organization who can do this, we can help you with consulting.  Our consulting fee is $20 /hour for work done.  This is a third of what typical businesses charge for the same job.

We just want you to have the best looking site that will help you grow into the future.

This is where you should probably start, at the Divi Documentation.  We have set up the site for you and loaded everything already, so what you really need to know is how to use each of the modules Divi uses.  If you are tech savvy, we recommend that you start in the WordPress Dashboard and just create a new page.  Enable Divi and play around.  Also Remember, Google is your best friend!

YouTube is full of great tutorials, and the Divi Community is huge, so there are plenty of video tutorials available there.  If you become a Divi Guru, you can always find good learning opportunities to expand your knowledge on YouTube.  Check out the Divi Tutorial Channel on YouTube.

Still Need Help

Contact us and we’ll be happy to help you out.  The learning curve with Divi is a little steep at first if you’ve never done anything like this before, but if you’re diligent, you’ll be able to figure it out yourself in no time!


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Help With Other Products

We’re not an online help desk, but we can try to help you with other things too.

As organizers we’ve learned a bunch of stuff along the way.  When it comes to improving your workflow using digital solutions, we can help you get acquainted and set up services, again for the same low flat hourly $20 /hr fee.

We’ve also got lots of experience with OpenSource Free Software that can help cut down your costs.  We can help you get started using Gimp for image editing, KDenLive for video editing and Linux if you want to run your organization off a free and open platform!

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