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We help you grow.

Using a simple template you can easily create a stunning organizational website without breaking the bank.  All our services are not for profit, the only costs are hosting, setup and optional consultation.  There are no hidden fees, we try to be upfront with our costs so that you can focus on what’s important: organizing!

My name is Sean, and I’m the Operations and Development Director with a small non-profit pro-democracy organization in Pennsylvania called March On Harrisburg. The idea for was born out of wanting to help other small pro-democracy groups establish an online presence.  Businesses usually won’t set up a site for less than $1,000.  We’re just another small organization wanting to help new groups grow.

What works for us?

Here’s what we recommend

Getting your organization or group started using the right tools is essential.  Here are the online tools that March On Harrisburg uses in it’s day to day operations.

Action Network

We recommend using Action Network to manage your email list.  Action Network can also be used to manage Events (RSVPs) and Donations.



March On Harrisburg uses ActBlue for it’s donations.  It integrates well into Action Network and is more robust in tracking retention.  It’s also a large donation platform, so people are already accustomed to giving on it.


Slack is an indespensible tool to get your organization organized. It’s basically a glorified chat room, but it handles multimedia so your group members can share information, articles, etc.  And it’s available on mobile.

Zoom Conferencing

Zoom is great for conference calls and video conferencing.  It’s not free, but it’s worth it if you hold weekly call-ins of your various committees.  Zoom allows you to call in or participate by video. 

Google Voice

Google Voice is great for setting up a free office line that you can use for calling out from your computer.  We make all our calls directly from our desktops using a headset, making everything so much more efficient. is a project of
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these recommendations are made based solely on the utility they have offered our organization.  these products are in no way sponsoring and we are not paid by them to advertise them.

The Beautiful thing about them is they just work.

Our Mission

To help you promote your organization online without spending a fortune

Your organization or small community organizing group can have a website that is both beautiful and cheap.  I’ve been working in the web development field for over three years and I want to help you get your organization off the ground at minimal cost to you.

Once you have a website, you can start networking and organizing more effectively.

Spread your message!

Here’s what we offer

Get your website up and running fast.

For $100 we will get your site up and running on it’s own private server.  This cost includes a year of webhosting that is scalable to meet your organizations needs.  Most small organizations and community groups will only need to spend $60 a year on hosting, which is included in the base price.  We host your site on Digital Ocean.

Included in the base price is a domain.

If you want to have your own unique domain like, we can set that up for you at an additional cost (usually $20/yr depending on the domain).

Included free is an email forward or if you opt for your own domain name.  If you want to use Google Mail, we can help you set that up (price varies depending on the number of email accounts you have).

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