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Weclome To Interactivist

Welcome to  The idea for came out of March On Harrisburg, a volunteer citizen lobbyist and direct action community looking to pass three good governance bills.  Our goal at March On Harrisburg is to make public all the best practices and resources we have discovered in the process of our own organizing.  If you are looking to create your own MARCH ON group or other community organizing group we’ve created this white label solution that you can establish your web presence quickly.  These tools are powerful, and they aren’t always super simple to use.  It will help to have either an open mind ready to learn new things, or find a techie/web developer who will help you set up your site pro-bono.

You have two options if you’re interested in getting started using the platform. is built on WordPress and uses the Divi Builder.  It also has a handful of premium plug-ins developed by WPMUDEV which can help you keep in contact with your organizations members.  If you are looking for a full hosted and maintained solution, contact me at to find out more.  Pricing is based entirely on the cost of hosting and and software.  If you want to host it yourself, send me an email and I can give you recommendations on plugins and other tools we used for and

You can start by using the templates that we’ve created for various pages.

In order to make our movement as “open source” as possible on the web (we do used closed-source plug-ins and resources) we have made our web development platform available for all and attempted to make it as easy as possible for you to use it.  We have posted tutorials for how to use each part of the site as well as some rudimentary tutorials on how to edit pictures, with recommendations for free tools you can use.  When you sign up with

InterActivist offers a streamlined solution.

Use InterActivist as your platform for following up and planning your next in person meetings.  Easily invite users to your groups – you can make them public or private, and allow group members to get customized email updates, daily, weekly or after each post update.

Keep Up With Your Groups On The Go

Stay Active All Day, Move Your Movement Forward.

Easily Organize

Easily organize a group, set email update options and start sending updates!

Streamline Communication

Hate stacks of emails piling up in your inbox?  Are they all part of the same thread?  Are they confusing to parse, who spoke when?  You can do better than email.  Create a group and start communicating smarter.

Easily Delegate

Create subcommittees and efficiently delegate work.  Everything is kept in one convenient easy to reference location.

Mobile Friendly

Most people deal with their tasks on the go, so it’s important that any platform you choose is mobile friendly.  Accessing your groups is easy on your phone and email integration makes communicating super easy and quickly.  Daily updates keeps group members from getting a flood of emails every day.

Who Uses InterActivist?

We use a white label version of InterActivist for our site.  It’s fantastic.  The builder is intuitive and easy to use.  I no longer have to maintain the whole site, it’s easy enough to teach other and now more people are getting involved in maintaining the site. Great solution for small activist organizations looking to build an online movement.

Sean Leber

Organizer and Web Developer, March On Harrisburg

We use interactivist to keep staff and faculty connected in between our weekly staff meetings. We can easily update each other on the various projects we are engaged in and each of us receives a daily email updating us on what each person has worked on that day. So much better than trying to follow several email strings. Hail Peterson

Teacher, West Mountain School

We’ve been using the white label version of InterActvist for our own project. It’s the perfect platform for organizing people. For under $500 we were able to get a quick landing page up and a full organizational aparatus installed. We can recruit and organize all in the same place! John Patron

Organizer, Entertain Freedom

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